Dead Memories.

So 3 years and a few months ago my grandma died, and I don’t really get on with my family, but she was the most loving and caring and just nicest woman ever. It makes me burst out crying just thinking about her as I am now. I remember she went into hospital but my dad told me it was fine and she was okay. I went to go visit her on 11th February 2011, and I spent hours with her just talking and I read a book to her. Then my grandad went for a cigarette with my dad so it was just me and her, she was very tired most of time in hospital. When they went she grabbed my hand and said “I love you James” and I said “I love you too” she then put her head back and closed her eyes. I thought she was just resting then the heart beat machine thing began to decrease so I shouted for a nurse. One came, then several others they told me I had to leave the room I instantly started screaming and shouting and ran back in then two doctors grabbed me and dragged me out said to me “I’m sorry” and shut the door, I then sat outside crying my eyes out in a reck my dad and grandad returned but I was too upset to tell them. A nurse came out shortly after and said to me ” I’m sorry, come and say your goodbyes ” this was the worst day of my life and I still think of her everyday, she was the most loving person in the world. The worst part is she was only 63… R.I.P Celia Fraser/Grandma. I love you so much