Dead Memories.

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4 days.

Anonymous asked: Hi James, I understand slightly what you mean, I don't see what you do and I haven't experienced what you have. I have my own struggles and each other's stories are different in ways. It's not down to death to take away that pain you feel. It's you. I genuinely know how it hard it is to pick myself up from the lowest lows in my life and have no one have a clue. You need to remember that you aren't alone and that it's not down to death, it's down to you.You are strong enough to think you can.

Thank you, but idk what im going to do, even if i do this, thank you anyway 💛

Anonymous asked: If you go I go

Please dont.

Anonymous asked: Don't do it, I'll never stop caring about you

Whoever this is thats very sweet thank you, tbh your probably a person i care about too 💛 but i have to leave, this just isnt a life i enjoy, i have nothing to live for now anyway, what is a life surrounded by pain?

Im going to kill myself soon, and tbh theres alot of reasons as to why, but if i had to say my main it is simple because im nust surrounded by pain and i have all my life and it gets inside your head eventually, so yeah, goodbye